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Trader Education & Training

To achieve excellence in trading you have to approach trading as seriously as any other worthwhile profession or business, if not more so. The iTradePod approach to achieving trader excellence is based on 3 simple building blocks:

3 simple building block iTradePod approach

Our online Live Call Trading Room caters for the 3rd building block, Trading: harnessing the knowhow. However, before one can expect to gain financial independence from a career in trading, trading knowhow must be acquired. You would not expect to learn to fly a plane like a professional pilot by watching Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of retail traders who read the technical analysis trading books in the public domain and then enter the financial markets have close to a 100% failure rate.

In fact, there are only a minority of privileged traders who earn consistent profits and live comfortably within this potentially lucrative profession. The question that comes to mind then is, why do so many people fail?

From our own experience, it is not a matter of intelligence, since even highly skilled, intelligent and organised people enter the trading arena and are literally swept away with ease. In fact it is not uncommon to see doctors, lawyers, economists, engineers and their likes haemorrhaging substantial amounts of capital.

On the other hand, we encounter numerous everyday people with the most basic academic qualifications, yet they are successful market speculators and consistently earn significant sums of money. "So what is the correct way forward to successful trading?" [I hear you ask]

The practical learning in our courses is delivered by professional full time traders and progresses beyond technical systems into areas of self-understanding that will highlight and strengthen the weakness in your abilities of self-observation and market observation, discipline and objectivity. Leaving you with a plan of action.

Additionally, much of the learning in our courses differs from the accepted models of market analysis. Just as you will learn that the best trading opportunities often fly in the face of the most recent market price action, the practical instructions in our courses flies in the face of most modern opinions and academic theories on trading and understanding the market.

Futures trading is a profession, and it takes time and dedication to succeed as in any other profession. The pyramid below illustrates the 5 stages of a Futures Trader’s development:

iTradePod 5 stages of a Futures Trader Development

Most of you will start at the novice level, learning the objective basics about the market structure and development using the Market Profile® Graphic, then proceed through the stages towards the ultimate goal of any professional in any field — becoming an expert.

So that we can better understand your needs please complete our Traders' questionnaire and consider purchasing a consultation session where a full time professional trader will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

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All our registered clients are given exclusive access to download the powerful Market Matrix software that we talk about in our Hedge Fund Mindset Workshop. Clients can also download our Pro Trading Journal that our own traders use for detailed logging of trades.

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We have partnered with some of the major players in the trading industry and so we are delighted to offer our registered clients significant discounts on trading related products and services.

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Our clients have access to Market Data containing Market Profile® Trading KRAs for low risk and high probability trade location entries.

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