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iTradePod FAQ

1. What instruments do you trade?

iTradePod currently focuses on, but is not limited to, the US Indices Futures markets, specifically the CME e-mini Dow ($5) (YM) and emini S&P 500 (ES) contracts.

2. Do you trade any other instruments?

Occasionally we take positions in currency pairs, GBP/USD, EUR/USD and Crude Oil. The plan is to increase participation in these markets. We will keep you posted.

3. What is your approach?

The iTradePod approach is primarily a discretionary method. The foundation of this approach is based upon the principles of the Auction Market Process. We employ a 5 step procedure where executions must be confirmed by Order Flow. This is why we are confident once understood our methodology can be applied to any auction market. For more details see the iTradePod Approach page.

4. Do you trade multiple timeframes?

Our method makes use of a top-down approach Pre Market Analysis (PMA) that involves analysing multiple timeframes to trade intra-day positions. Longer timeframes (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 60 and 30 minute) are used to indicate the presence of the Longer Timeframe market participant and KRAs, while the 5 minute candlestick chart and Order Flow charts are employed to confirm trade execution.

5. Is the moderator a professional trader?

The majority of Trading Room Services are a chat room type service which requires a moderator in order moderate the typically ad-hoc, directionless banter that often keeps the room attendees occupied. On the other hand, the iTradePod 'Live Call' Trading Room is run by our Professional Head Trader who calls his trades live at the hard right edge of the chart. His trade calls and the dissemination of his knowledge are the focus of our clients thus they do not require a moderator as such.

Andrew Hall, the Head Trader at iTradePod, is a Professional Prop House US Futures Trader. Andrew has been enthusiastic about the financial markets since his University days back in 1996, trading futures since 2002 and trading professionally as a Prop Trader since 2007. Andrew is not only an experienced trader but he makes the most of his experience and qualifications as a Education professional which has enabled him to easily disseminate his practical trading knowledge to others. Consequently, Andrew has successfully engaged in coaching and mentoring traders since 2005, as more and more traders followed his trading methodology and requested his training (see testimonials). As the demand for his mentoring grew, he founded a private trading fund (Quintillion Fund) with a separate trader education and training division which is now more widely known through the iTradePod brand. Andrew promotes understanding the market as an auction market process and is distinguished for his profitable style of discretionary trading based on trading value migration using Market Profile, Volume Profile and Order Flow, hence, the iTradePod mantra, "Don’t trade price, trade value".

Rodney Lalgie also moderates the trading room and has been mentored and exposed to the iTradePod approach by Andrew over the last four years. He has experienced first-hand the power of his techniques. Rodney has been investing and trading since 2001. He currently focuses on trading his own private futures account employing methods based upon Auction Market principles.

6. Is the iTradePod approach automated?

No. The method used in the Live Pre Market Analysis (PMA) Service and the Trading Room is not automated. Contact Us if you are interested in automated strategies.

7. Can I be consistent using the iTradePod approach?

Yes. We provide you with the practical knowledge as you "look over the shoulder" of a professional full time trader as he executes trades based on the time proven iTradePod method. Achieving the necessary wisdom, that you will need to succeed as a consistent trader, entirely depends on how well you internalize our approach as well as your self-understanding, attitude and discipline as professional trader.

8. Does your method suffer losing days or even losing weeks?

"Location. Location. Location." Our method focuses entries at optimum trade locations based on market structure and development with a strong emphasis on trade management, risk management and money management to preserve our trading capital. As a result our trades experience desirable Maximum Favorable Excursion (MFE) and minimal Maximum Adverse Excursion (MAE). So if we do experience a loss that loss is managable and is part of our trading plan. As always, the wise caveat that "past performance by no means guarantees future results" applies. Nevertheless, our trading method approach occasionally experiences a managable losing period but has yet to experience a losing week.

9. What trading platform & charting software do you use?

Typically, Trading Room clients have access to a computer with a Direct Market Access Trading (DMA) professional trading platform installed as opposed to a Spreadbetting platform. This is to make it easier if you wish to replicate the moderator’s trading platorm workspace and assimilate what the moderator is conveying. Our favourite platform is NinjaTrader 8 and Multicharts trading platforms. You can download both platforms for a FREE trial on our Products page.

10. What data feed do you recommend?

Our traders use a reliable data feed that provides accurate unfiltered data especially geared towards bid/ask Order Flow analysis. For NinjaTrader, Kinetick provides FREE real time and end of day (EOD) data.

11. What is a Squawk Box?

Our Full Squawk Box service is live commentary of the price action as it unfolds on the CME S&P 500 Trading Floor Pit in Chicago. The Squawk Box commentator is actually overlooking the open cry trading floor, therefore, acting as your eyes and ears in the pit. At iTradePod, our Live Squawk Box feed broadcast service is provided by Traders Audio, our Squawk Box Partner, with live and dynamic commentary by the legendary Ben Lichtenstein. See our Squawk Box page for more details.

12. Do you offer Trading Room Trials?

We offer a 3-day FREE Trial to the iTradePod Trading Room. Click here to sign up or Contact Us for futher details.

However, we do not find that this time allows you to understand and fully appreciate what is being taught. It is therefore strongly recommended that ‘serious traders’ make a commitment for 1 month, at least, to truly benefit from the value of the service.

13. What will I get in the FREE Trial?

The purpose of the 3-day FREE Trial is for potential clients to obtain a snaphot of the iTradePod approach live at the hard edge of the chart as the price action unfolds. Although moderators will accommodate trial client’s questions, they will not benefit from the full extent of the educative experience as this is reserved for our clients.

14. What are the Trading Room hours?

Our online interactive Live Pre Market Analysis (PMA) Service is broadcast between 08:00 EST - 8:30 EST (13:00 GMT - 12:30 GMT) and our online Live Trading Room hours are 09:15 EST - 12:15 EST (14:15 GMT - 17:15 GMT) Monday - Thursday.

15. How much notice must I give if I ever need to cancel?

Due to the administration process we require 3 days notice to cancel monthly subscriptions. This insures that no further subscription request is made to your PayPal account.

16. If I subscribe, can I get a refund if I am not entirely satisfied with the service?

No. We encourage new members to participate in our 3-day FREE Trial to judge what to expect from our service. If after 3 days you do not feel that you could benefit from what we offer, you are under no further obligations to subscribe or continue using our service.

17. Guaranteed results? What does that mean?

It's simple and transparent; monthly subscription clients receive a full refund for their first month in the unlikely event that the PnL from our Head Trader's Live Call trades positively amount to less than the monthly subscription fee. Simple!
Terms & Conditions apply.

18. What are system requirements for my PC to access your online services?

Click here to view the requirements that your computer will need to meet in order to access our Live Services.

19. Do you publish your trading room results?

Often you will see web sites display unverified "Trading Performance Results". We have refrained from publishing our results in the past since our traders simply felt that anyone seriously interested in what iTradePod has to offer would be better served by taking advantage of our FREE Trial offer or subscribing for 1 month under the iTradePod Guarantee Offer and seeing it happen in real time at the hard right edge of the chart. We are confident this is still the most transparent approach.

Remember, past performance is no indication of futures results. Nevertheless, it should also be noted that in our Live Call Trading Room you see: Real Trades | Real Money | Real Time | Live Audience.

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