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Our Approach

We approach trading as a BUSINESS so our client’s immediate goals include:

iTradePod focus on trader success
  1. Identify optimum locations on the chart to do business.
  2. Identify poor areas on the chart where NOT to do business.
  3. Determine IF and WHEN to do business i.e. is the EDGE present?
  4. Determine how COST effective it is to do business i.e. reward-to-risk.
  5. EXECUTION CONFIRMATION i.e. Deal or No Deal? - acting on your iiiiiiEDGE without reservation or hestitation.
  6. Focus on Trade Management - minimise risk, maximise profit potential.

Our clients are achieving trader excellence using our unique PMA Pad Trade Planning System Software which has been developed and refined over many years of trading various financial instruments in the financial markets, a robust system based upon inherent market mechanic principles involving:

iTradePod success criteria
  • Market Profile® & Volume Profile charts to determine value & context.
  • Order Flow - cumulative delta, COT & Bid/Ask volume analysis.
  • AMD analysis to identify market structure & development.
  • Evolving volume-based Value Area analysis - our WOC.
  • MTA & VAM analysis to profit in sideways & trending markets.

Our approach is grounded in a methodology that is so naturally occuring that it is actually fractal, meaning it is observable on multiple timeframes in a similar way to the fractal nature of clouds, trees or even the controversial paintings of the infamous American painter, Paul Jackson Pollack.

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Client Benefits

FREE Resources

All our registered clients are given exclusive access to download the powerful Market Matrix software that we talk about in our Hedge Fund Mindset Workshop. Clients can also download our Pro Trading Journal that our own traders use for detailed logging of trades.

Massive Discounts

We have partnered with some of the major players in the trading industry and so we are delighted to offer our registered clients significant discounts on trading related products and services.

Daily Analysis

Our clients have access to Market Data containing Market Profile® Trading KRAs for low risk and high probability trade location entries.

Registration is quick and FREE.

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