The traders at iTradePod have been achieving trader excellence with people from all walks of life. This is what clients who have experienced training with iTradePod have to say about us:

“I have been a mentee of iTradePod for the last 18 months and continue to be very impressed with the quality and professionalism of Andrew’s mentoring programme. Following the iTradePod trading plan and participating in Andrew’s one-on-one mentoring sessions have been the two most important steps I have taken to turn profitable as an individual trader.
The materials are concise, easy to understand and well documented and provide a trading methodology that has a proven statistical edge and works in all markets and all time frames.
Andrew also provides invaluable insights into the underlying mechanics that are the forces that really drive the financial market. He disseminates this knowledge in a probing manor that makes you think for yourself and forces you to actually understand the markets in a depth I never thought I ever could.”

Peter Taylor, Independent Full Time Trader

“I haven’t traded live with a profitable discretionary trader in the UK with the knowledge, discipline and commitment that Andrew has, hands down. My pre-market prep and much of my personal income and capital growth strategies have been unashamedly ripped from Andrew’s iTradePod trading plan on his course.”

Anthony Green, Barclays Capital

“Your trading material goes beyond the technical analysis fodder that is fed to the masses of retail herd of traders of which I used to belong. For once time I can say that I walked away from a course with a workable trading plan that I can follow step by step to identify opportunities, manage risk/ reward, execute and manage trades every day for a reliable income. I am now living off my trading account and have the freedom and lifestyle that I almost lost hope I would ever achieve. Can’t thank you enough. Kindest Regards.”

Kimberly F, Full Time Independent Trader

“Being able to come to your trading office and watch you go through your pre market analysis then watch you trade live the same setups that you gave to us on the course was simply amazing. It made me realise how much effort has to go into preparing ahead and knowing “where I want to do business” ahead of the market open. I also took away with me the importance of doing mental prep so that I enter the live market with the right psychology. I know you emphasized all of this on the course but experiencing it one on one was a unique experience that will change the way that I trade forever.”

Kieran M, MBA

“Thanks a ton for today's fantastic 'master'class! Without a shadow of doubt, I had one of my best learning in trading today. We were aware of market profile, now we understood how it can be used. I was extremely impressed by your level of planning and discipline. Trying to sink it in now. Hopefully we shall have an educational meeting sometimes again followed by nice drinks to keep up our 'spirits'. Cheers. ”

Niranjan K, Independent Trader

“I have not forgotten and still remember clearly the advice you gave us and I must say that the things you said then, have more than helped to keep me in the game. The biggest thing for me has been planning, I have a business plan (great advice!!!). It's like you have been a mentor. So I definitely owe you Andy, you are a good man.”

Obi S, Full Time Trader

“If the only thing that I took away from you training was how the concept of ‘trade location’ showed me “ where on the chart to conduct my business” then that alone would have been worth tuition fee. That simple practrical application by itself helped cut out all of the reckless loosing trades that caused havoc with my trading capita andl were the result of over trading as you pointed out. Stay blessed.”

Patrick, FX Trader

“After I decided to quit my job as a Mechanical Engineer and pursued a full time trading career, I tried a number trading education services. Most of the trainers were definitely not traders themselves and so did not have a clue themselves and could not teach what it takes to be successful as a trader. The result was that I ended up losing money despite how much strictly I adhered to what I was taught by them. I was lucky that a fellow trader recommended Andrew, a real full time professional trader, who coached me and helped me greatly and accelerate my learning curve. In particular, I learned to identify high probability opportunities and execute trades that have an edge and produce consistent performance over time. In addition, my trading style is so much more disciplined and relaxed.”

Thomas Phillips, Independent Full Time Trader

“Andrew is doing an excellent job in explaining the order flow methodology and I have learned a lot from his analysis of the premarket Globex sessions based on the AMT and the Market Profile . My account is up significantly in the last few weeks and I know it’s due to combining his effective methodology with my own 5 years experience trading on the LIFFE open outcry trading floor. It is something I have put 15-17 hours everyday for the last 2 years. My trading business is my sole income so it is something I take very seriously and I look forward to building my business upon the iTradePod approach for a long time.”

Rajesh, JPM

“... in summary, iTradePod sets the highest standards that I have come across in the UK trading industry that is hardly regulated, providing a service that actually cares about the long term survival and success of its traders and by providing its traders with the tools to achieve that goal. If you are serious about trading not only is this the best value for money training out there in the UK it is the approach most likely to get you to where you want to be as a trader.”

Johnathan D, Index Futures Trader

“I was extremely skeptical about courses after having spent several tens thousands of pounds on dream-selling courses and none of them taught anything that I could make a profit from in the long run. But I have to say I that I have stuck with what I learnt through iTradePod because it is simple, it makes sense and it relates to what I did in the real world of business. I can say that I still have not come across any trading books that teach such a simple approach to trading the market in a consistent way, day in day out. Andrew comes across as someone who genuinely cares and takes an interest in his students. I highly recommend the course.”

Madeline Cohen, Independent Full Time Trader

“I spent several hours under Andrew’s mentorship understanding his Market Profile VWAP strategies and setups. Subsequently my numbers of losing trades were reduced by 80% and the size and frequency of my winning trades quadrupled. No doubt it does take effort and time but the setups are high probability and his invaluable money management techniques make the psychology much easier. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about trading as a business to consider one of iTradePod’s courses.”

Steve B, Trader Training Educator

“I had been trying to live the dream of being a full-time trader for over 12 years, and a student of iTradePod for the last 2 years. Before I came across iTradePod I was consistenly losing money and blowing up my trading account. It wasn’t until I became a student of one of the traders at iTradePod that my trading became more focused, more consistent, and consistent. I am confident that my turnaround was the result of the teaching and mentoring of the guys at iTradePod. I used my successful trading track record to land a job at a trading firm and hope to set up my own trading firm with traders working for my own fund.”

Dr. Colm H, Quintillion Fund

"The two days were the most focused and digestible learning experience and practical trading approach that I have had to date. The material was well prepared, the presentation was professional, and the hands on practice were invaluable. Andrew’s obvious depth of knowledge and passion with which he shares his knowledge leads to an infectious and mesmerizing learning experience"

Darren D, Trainee Trader

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the iTradePod courses. Having attended more trading seminars than I care to mention, which were either too expensive or were so full of starry-eyed spin and sales talk encouraging you to purchase the so called more advanced course and associated DVDS and books, I had no doubt when I met Andrew at his free trading session that he was genuine trader. He did not come across as a salesperson at all. This was all confirmed on the course itself when iTradePod trading methodology was explained in down to earth language and he performed live trading during the course using the trading plan that we were given. By the end of the course it was evident that Andrew was not in it for the money but a desire to help others succeed at trading using a simple yet reliable approach to trading for an income. Since I completed the course I have traded live alongside Andrew at his trading office in London and used that invaluable experience to vastly improve my own trading discipline and routine.”

Raphael P, Independent SPX Trader

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